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staffelberg fränkischen Alb

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It felt so good to be back in prayer group/Bible study again. I sat there listening to opening prayer requests, jotting down things to pray for … Towards the end the Pastor asked if there was anyone with an unspoken prayer request… Like a wave, nearly everyone rose their hand or spoke an acknowledging “yes”… I sat there as it hit me… Continue reading


Moving, through the seasons…


I love my husband. ¬†He works hard. ¬†Very hard. ¬†He has a vision for what he wants for our family, long term, that I’m grateful for. ¬†I’m so thankful. ¬†But it’s a tough gig being a climber. ¬†It’s a tough gig being the wife of a climber. ¬†It’s a tough gig being the kids of a climber.

One of the challenges is the frequent moving that comes with each rung grasped. ¬†When the kids were small it didn’t phase them. ¬†But now that the kids are entering in the teen waters, it gets harder.¬† Continue reading

Retailers version of Gunpoint Robbery.


Christmas Countdown. ¬†Saw this today… and everyday the past 11 days. ¬†I think this is the retailer’s version of robbing me at gunpoint. ¬†They just substitute things to make me enjoy it. ¬†Instead of a gun, a chubby Santa. ¬†Instead of bullets, emotions. ¬†And I smile while handing it over. ¬†Clever retailer, clever…

Parent vs. Child


Hard moments.

They come.

Our children have much power in holding our hearts. ¬†We give it to them freely piece by piece as they grow up. ¬†They smile, we give pieces of our heart. They laugh, we give pieces of our heart. ¬†They say their first word, take their first step, present us with handmade art… Piece by piece, bit by bit, we give it and so it goes…

I never realized the weight of such giving. Until I found myself toe to toe, nose to nose, with a younger version of me Continue reading

May you always be a die-hard fan


I took my son out on a mom/son date night. ¬†We went out to eat, walked around some shops, grabbed some coffee, and then went for a drive. ¬†We talked for hours about all sorts of things. ¬†The conversation shifted toward the end of the night towards Church, when my 12 year old son shared his own insight on it… ¬†The conversation went like this… Continue reading