You make the most of me!


As a homeschool mom, I often find myself wondering how I made it through the day.  I mean, I can think of all kinds of things I did to help make the day go smoothly, however I know that somedays it can only be attributed to God alone carrying me through.  

At the end of the day as I sit alone watching the kids play and listening to them laugh I reflect on how awesome God really is in everyday life… I mean here I am just me.  The me who doesn’t like cooking a main dish with more than 5 ingredients.  The me who tries hard to be a good mom, wife, & friend but falls short more than I’d like to admit.  As I sit here I am overwhelmed with gratitude. 

Grateful for God not letting me fail, but, instead picking up where I leave off and proving to me over and over how faithful He really is.  Grateful that He takes the pieces of who I am and makes me something I could never be on my own.  I am so thankful He truly does make the most of me. 

This song came to mind as I sit here reflecting.  The lyrics are beautiful  and I hope it blesses you wherever you find yourself today.   It is aptly titled “make the most of me”.  Enjoy!

Artist: Marie Miller  Song:  “Make the Most Of me”

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