Hello?… Where are you???


My kids are the hot sauce in my life!  They add that extra *kick* that really makes life special.  Today my youngest, who is prone to random acts of silliness, struck again!

Scene: Bookshelf – we have a shelf where we keep study Bibles/references etc… DaiseyMae, my youngest, takes a stool, walks over to the bookshelf, steps up onto it. She grabs the sides of the bookcase (she is now able to see that bookshelf clearly and peer even behind the books).  She studies the books for a minute… she squints her eyes and keeps searching… she runs her fingers carefully over each book… She gets up on her tip toes, stretches as tall as she can.  I watch as she bends her neck this way and that, carefully looking between all the books… then she sticks her head deep into the bookcase and asks loudly “Lord? Lord? Where are you Lord?” Ha!

Oh, this girl of mine just cracks me up!

Craziness aside – It actually made me pause for a moment and think – wouldn’t it be awesome if we were all like that… if we all earnestly searched for God… maybe not by sticking our heads in a bookcase, but – if we all called out… and not because we were scared, or because we needed something, or any other selfish reason (after all, I’m certain we could all come up with a multitude of those) but because we just wanted to talk to Him… to just be with Him… no other reason.  I, myself, really needed to see that today… it provided not just a sunny spot in my day but also a reason to reflect and move me back to where I need to be… searching… desiring… to just be with Him…

I know it’s a slow wearing that we end up in places in life we don’t intend to be… that we slowly slip away from maintaining our relationship with God, our marriage, our family, our friendships… our self… but some days I stop and when I turn around, I cannot believe how far in the wrong direction I have went and am shocked that I didn’t notice sooner… So I am thankful today for this reminder – or smack over the head – saying  “Hey Rae, Rae – you see this?!  Why aren’t you doing this?!”  Message received Lord, message received!  Now if you wouldn’t mind sending the rest of your messages this way rather than through trials – that’d be great!  HA!!! (I’m sure if I wasn’t such a slow learner it’d be helpful too but at times I suffer from thick skull syndrome, LOL)

Whatever today brings… I hope you find yourself searching too…  (for more than your keys or your cell phone, lol)

Have a great day!!!

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