Keep Calm & Parent On… Anger Busters – tips & tricks


Ever been angry?  Probably not 😉 But, I have!

Being a parent provides multiple opportunities for anger to rear it’s ugly head.  Sometimes I don’t even recognize that I’m irritated, much less angry… that is, until I’m about to *BUST*.  Other times, I can actually feel the tension building inside.  …boiling… stirring… festering…

No matter how the anger begins or how late you recognize that it is, indeed, there, here are some unconventional methods I’ve used over the years that have really helped me catch myself before I blow it.

*Note:  In no way am I implying you need to forget about any actions or attitudes that need correcting.  I’m simply providing suggestions to aid you in regaining focus and blowing off some steam in a healthy manner.  Any wrong-doing can then be addressed afterward in a calm, loving way.  So with that said here are some ways to *get it out*!

Anger Busters:

1.  Blow up in the mirror: Yep! That’s right, walk over to a mirror, right now, and blow up… say all the things you want to say, exactly how you want to say it!  If you’ve never seen your face at it’s angriest – you need to, trust me!  Veins begin to appear where you didn’t even know they existed, the face transforms like a mood ring – changing colors as the anger intensifies, your face contorts, and spit…. well let’s just say it’s not rare.  Often just knowing how ridiculous I look, *in the heat of the moment*, is enough to knock some sense into me!  I am then able to realize what a mistake I was about to make.

2.  Bust-A-Move.  When you are really… really… REALLY ANGRY, you need to get some of that energy out!  Try this: announce “Dance Break!” and let go!  Cha-cha, funky chicken, conga, do the Pee-Wee Herman – just groove baby!  GROOOOVVVVEEEE!!!! Unleash your inner dance super star… the sillier the better — You don’t need music, but, if you have music – groove your way over to the radio, flip that switch, and crank it!  If the kids haven’t already joined in – drag ’em on over!  It’s time to Par-tay!

3. Sing it out!  This is another way to wear off some of that built up steam.  Move over Andre Bocelli… Opera is my favorite way to sing my frustration out.  Don’t like opera, choose your favorite genre, and rock it!  You don’t have to know lyrics, heaven knows I never do, just sing out whatever you are frustrated about.  If you can imagine the following sung in an operatic tone… “That noise is making me frustrated, I’m so irritated, ooohhh you are sooooo cute, yes I love you” or “I’m singing so I don’t yell, because I know it’s not worth getting mad about” or “I love you so much I don’t want to yell, no, no I don’t” …then you have officially heard some actual lyrics that have been belted out in my home.  Radio worthy? No, perhaps not, but that’s not the point, is it?  And if you don’t want to articulate your frustration then just sing *watermelon, watermelon, watermelon* until you begin to see things in a more reasonable light.

4.  Use an accent.  British, Scottish, Australian, Southern, Northern, or what have you — just go with it.  You’ll be surprised at how your demeanor changes when you see their funny reactions.  Somehow watching shock turn to confusion, to laughter, to hugs erodes the anger along with attitudes and leaves a fun springboard for a new beginning to the day.

These are just a few tactics that have helped me tremendously over the years.  They’ve bought me time.  Time to defuse, to gain perspective, to relax, and most importantly, time to remember my audience, aka – my children.  Just a moment can help me refocus and think about what I am about to do and it’s lasting affects… Take notice to how you habitually handle anger, like it or not, that is how you are teaching your children to handle anger.

Remember the key isn’t to be an amazing dancer, singer, impersonator, …it’s to be an amazing parent!

Don’t think they’ll work for you?  Hey, don’t knock it til you rock it!  Letting loose, often, leads to regaining control in a healthy way ❤

Have an unusual way of venting off steam?   I’d love to hear it!  Leave me a comment below…  I’m always up for new techniques!!!

Have a crazy awesome day!

7 thoughts on “Keep Calm & Parent On… Anger Busters – tips & tricks

  1. clayton paul

    Great post! These little trick to play on anger are very good! I don’t get very, very, VERY angry anymore, but when I do, I’ll try to remember a couple of these…


    • Thanks! You must be doing several things right already to not let things get too elevated anymore! That’s great! I could probably learn a lot from you as well! If the need ever does arise, I hope one of these ideas pops into your head, and I hope it makes a big difference 🙂
      Have an awesome day!
      Rae 🙂

      • clayton paul

        Thank you, Rae…(an awesome name!) I used to have a problematic temper several years ago. However, over time, I seemed to “mellow” quite a bit…

        It may have been maturity, or just a few of these good tips you have given us which “kick in,” I can’t say.

        I am not much like I used to be at a far younger age. I have made some changes for good in my life. However, as with most of us, I still am working on things which need improvement.

        You have some excellent posts for all to read and learn from! The key is resolve; we need to be consistently moving forward. And when we slip back, put it aside and get back into “forward gear!”

        Have a super day, and thank you for reading…

        • So true! “Works in progress” we all are. Such a continual process… so long as we all choose to keep progressing…

          You are right – it is amazing how things evolve as we get older… we do get better after a longer time in the Refiners fire…

          …we gain so much perspective and experience….

          Such a good thing! I often hear people state they wish they were a teenager again… Not me… I wouldn’t want to give up everything I’ve learned…

          Thanks so much for your comments… great insight.
          Rae 🙂

          • clayton paul

            Talk about great insights! You have given us all much good information to consider in your reply.

            No, I wouldn’t want to be a “teen” again. The younger body would be great, but once is enough as far as that “learning process” is concerned.

            God is amazing! He knows what we need at all phases of our lives, and the more we come to accept that and yield ourselves to Him, the more we can enrich our lives.

            Now, that’s not to say everything becomes smooth sailing as we mature. We may face super difficult challenges. But it is probably what we NEED to go through for some reason or another.

            God knows and provides what we need. We all learn and grow by different means…

            Thanks for your wise reply, Rae! Enjoy your day.

          • clayton paul

            Thanks, Rae. And I want to thank you and all who read my posts as often as they can. I am loyal to those who are loyal to me!…(even to some who aren’t as loyal!)


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