May you always be a die-hard fan


I took my son out on a mom/son date night.  We went out to eat, walked around some shops, grabbed some coffee, and then went for a drive.  We talked for hours about all sorts of things.  The conversation shifted toward the end of the night towards Church, when my 12 year old son shared his own insight on it…  The conversation went like this…

My son: “Hey mom, how many people do you think attend church every week? (Pause) Let’s both guess and then let’s look it up”

(He is a research king).  We both guessed.  He looked around and found a church study which contradicted gallop poles, etc.  Meaning when people were polled 39% of people reported attending weekly services but according to church attendance records/polls less than 20% of people actually attend church weekly.  

We sat there a minute.

He asked “Do you ever notice how church attendance is like sports events?”  

Puzzled I asked, “What do you mean?”  

He continued, “It’s like you see people one week, at one game and they’re all waving their hankies and buying hotdogs, patting eachother on the back, cheering.  Everyone talks and likes eachother because their team is doing great. Then you never see them again. Or once in a while you do see them but they don’t remember you, or they don’t say anything or look at you because their team isn’t doing so well… Except the die-hard fans, which is not that many really.”  

He pauses for a moment and continues, “That’s what church is like.  People mostly only show up when their team is winning, or when they need something, but not for the time when things are going okay.”  He pauses briefly and asks “Why is that? I mean isn’t that weird? There’s only a couple die-hard fans.”  

I sat there a minute stunned at what my son had said.  At just 12 years of age he has such insight.  All I could think to say was “Oh my son, may you always be a die-hard fan.”  

Being a parent makes me want to be a better person in every way.  Makes me want to be sure to be a die-hard Jesus fan…

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