Yeah, me too…



staffelberg fränkischen Alb

PHOTO CREDIT: Markus Spiske /

It felt so good to be back in prayer group/Bible study again. I sat there listening to opening prayer requests, jotting down things to pray for … Towards the end the Pastor asked if there was anyone with an unspoken prayer request… Like a wave, nearly everyone rose their hand or spoke an acknowledging “yes”… I sat there as it hit me… That for every occupied chair, there are a multitude of “unspoken” requests… Always… Requests people do not feel comfortable voicing for one reason or another.  Whether it be for shame or pride or just not feeling it’s important enough, matters little.

From what I’ve observed, spoken prayer requests are mostly physical issues, or ones shared on behalf of a friend. Unspoken prayer requests are often the spiritual ones, not always, but often… The ones we feel we should be able to conquer on our own. Often rationalizing that, after all, it’s not physical, it’s mental, or it’s a heart issue, etc… It’s temptation, depression, worry, fear, doubt, feelings of inadequacy, unbelief, attitudes, perspective, and so on and so forth… I wish there was a way to come along side each weary soul, wrap a blanket around their shoulders and just be present, silently. A way to adequately, truthfully, wholeheartedly let each individual struggling person know… “Yeah… me too”

Inward battles are still battles and they are still hard and they still matter, to me, but more importantly, to God… And He still fights for you, and He still cares for you, and He still loves you… no matter what.

I love this word on prayer (pictured below, from Streams in the Desert by L. B. Cowman). May we all be at our watchtowers, expectant!


Much love to you ❤


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